30% Scale Fiat CR.32, Plans and Building.

30% Scala Fiat CR.32 , Piani e costruzione

In wanting to build something other than a Mustang, GeeBee or Cub* , I was looking for an aircraft with a difference and I found one.

*(not that there is anything wrong with Mustang, GeeBee and Cubs)

The Fiat CR.32 It has a proud history and a proven track record. The pilots were very proud of their aircraft.

It is an ideal large scale project and one I am not willing to take any short cuts with. So some plans, well there is not much out there. In fact only two I can find, one looks ok and the other I bought and threw in the bin with in 30 seconds of opening. I wouldn't even try to build a peanut scale from them they were that bad.

That left me with the only option to make my own. Any other aircraft with a history like the Fiat Cr32 would be easy but not this. Only limited photos available and some documents. A lot of the drawing on the net are not right but do look good. I have had the most help from Sisco publishing with the 3 manuals they have, lots of drawings and part listings. And the best part is its all in metric (mm) just the way I like it.

The plans will be scaled down to 30% for the final project, see the specifications page for sizes.

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Tail end comming together. Making my way up the bottom of the fuz now.




Finer details of shaping.



Taking shape, a few minor changes required to the plans, but overall realy good.


scale of it



Building up nicely, plans only require minor adjustment. and a few extra details added.


Started building the fuselage Wednesday night, taking shape nicely. the design is based on the full size and is extremely strong. I'm looking forward to adding formers.

Tail Section Cockpit Section



Can you help? How is the fabric stitching done on the Fiat? No its not like most aircraft where the stitches cross over the rib. On the Fiat they run parallel to the rib on both sides, not even up the center.

Fiat CR.32 Rib Stitching



This an article I wrote for my clubs newsletter

Designing and building a 30% scale Fiat CR.pdf


More slight changes and additions

Update 6th July 2012


Some closer images of the plans so far. You will have to click on them to see the properly.

Fuz SpatsTailWing

Very handy program. Check it out.

Winfoil, Winfoil is a an aeronautical computer aided design tool for designing, analyzing and modifying model aircraft


more slight changes, lots of hours put in for not looking like much.

25/May/2012 Progress is moving along fast now. I am getting set to start building now, This is required to finish the plans in full detail.